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Stream Jesse Hale Moore’s Mellow Debut LP, Green End

Stream Jesse Hale Moore’s Mellow Debut LP, Green End

Jesse Hale Moore

Set your weekend in motion with some easy listening. 

While any good singer-songwriter uses their personal life to influence their work, widening the scope of their experience is key when trying to relate to and captivate their audience. On his debut LP, Green End, Jesse Hale Moore does just that, channeling his breathy, folky voice into a journey through personal loss.

"I think that anybody who has experienced loss in their life--and it can be on any level--that they can tap into the messages in my music," the singer told OUT. "As a person I try not to get too lost, especially during difficult times, I try not to get swallowed up by feeling sad or feeling hopeless."

Moore wrote the album while going through a breakup and coping with the deaths of family members, but Green End doesn't force listeners down. The songs, deep and laden with meaning, still remain accessible to listeners experiencing a spectrum of emotions. Jesse Hale Moore

Every song has its own special place on the album, but Moore admits that some are a bit more personally poignant. "'Ringing In Your Ears' was a really fun song for me to write," he said. "It's a little more up-tempo, and it's also the most recent song on the album and is a good taste of the direction I'm moving in musically."

Green End's title track, which closes out the album, lays Moore bare while he sings about his grandparents and their house where he spent part of his childhood. "It's pretty mellow and somber, just piano, vocals, and strings," he said. "It's a tribute to them." "Ringing In Your Ears" is out now, and Green End is available April 7. Listen to the entire track list below, and find dates and locations for Moore's upcoming tour here.

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