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20 Freaky Activities We'd Love to Do With Björk


"Release a 100-year-old spirit in a Cheesecake Factory."

Bjork has been captivating the music scene with her dreamy melodies and accompanying otherworldly visuals during the span of her decades-long career, accruing fans from all over the world and leaving us giddy with anticipation album release after album release. In celebration of the iconic Icelandic singer's upcoming ninth studio release, Utoptia, due later this month, we've compiled a list of 20 things we would love to do with Bjork.

Take Ambien and take a pottery class together

Make a friendship bracelet for a lava lamp

Help deliver a baby alpaca while wearing nothing except beekeeper hats

Dip our heads in fake blood and whip our hair back and forth at Pottery Barn Kids

Duel each other in fencing except instead of using the traditional flexible metal swords, we'll duel with violins

Maintain eye contact while whispering the word "bioluminescent" back and forth to each other while sitting pretzel-style on the floor in a haunted lighthouse

Go to acupuncture and just leave before they take out the needles

Pan for gold in a mall fountain

Take turns hog-tying each other up with rotary phone cords in the back of a Honda Odyssey and going through a car wash

Collaborate on an art project with a bunch of 17th century warlocks

Walk up the down escalator while swinging sausage links over our heads

Write poetry about the sea while uncontrollably spinning around on Lazy Susans

Curse our exes' souls into the end that glows on an e-cigarette

Lock a bunch of windchimes in a treasure chest and throw it into an active volcano

Sit in opposite ends of a corroded bathtub that's lain in the middle of a cornfield and talk about our fingers

Release a 100-year-old spirit in a Cheesecake Factory

Scream at a waning crescent moon while banging pots and pans in a pet cemetery

Get matching tattoos of the word "semiosis"

Put a bunch of ceramic peacocks in a giant woven basket and just dump them out of a hot air balloon

Ride a giant seahorse named Henry into the sunset

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