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Declare Independence: 20 Protest Songs to Get You Through Trump's Presidency

Declare Independence: 20 Protest Songs to Get You Through Trump's Presidency


"Declare independence, don't let them do that to you." 

Queers have all been taunted, tormented and made to seem lesser in the wake of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Today, the polarizing President-Elect and his supporters officially became the voice of America, but that doesn't mean we can't still shout for our marginalized rights. We will.

Now more than ever, we must rally together to peacefully protest the hate Trump's been irresponsibly stoking by throwing our gay glitter, chanting proudly about our pussies and ensuring our government is well aware the LGBTQ community will never go down without a fight.

Here are 20 powerful protest songs to rev you up for the revolution--stay strong.

20. Rusty Warren, "Bounce Your Boobies (A Patriotic Song)"

19. Tom Robinson, "Good To Be Gay"

18. Cold War Kids, "Locker Room Talk (30 Days, 30 Songs)"

17. Gil Scott-Heron, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

16. Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band, "The World (Is Going Up In Flames)"

15. A Tribe Called Quest, "We The People"

14. Kendrick Lamar, "Ronald Reagan Era"

13. Peaches, "Fuck or Kill"

12. Sleater Kinney, "Combat Rock"

11. Dead Kennedys, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"

10. Lady Gaga, "Come to Mama"

Rejoice, grab friends and celebrate our ability to overcome the political mess we're facing together. "Everybody's got to love each other," Gaga says. "Stop throwing stones at your sisters and your brothers."

9. Helen Reddy, "I am Woman"

We remember today that the future really is femme--all types of femme, and we will rally behind that ideal until equality is found, glass ceilings are broken and the hate we currently allow in D.C. is extinguished.

8. Dixie Chicks, "Not Ready to Make Nice"

During Bush's presidency, the Dixie Chicks exercised their freedom of speech with "Not Ready to Make Nice," and were banned from select radio stations for lyrics criticizing the Iraq war. Now, we've elected a man to the highest office on the back of free hateful speech.

7. Bjork, "Declare Independence"

We love Bjork for for giving us this song, with chanted lyrics, "Declare Independence, Don't Let Them do That to You." Scream these words to Trump Towers around the world today.

6. Greg Brown, "Why We Build The Wall by Anais Mitchell"

Brown's lyrics point out the blatant hypocrisies of a wall. "The wall keeps out our enemy; the enemy is poverty, and the wall keeps out the enemy. That's why we build the way we build the wall to keep us free."

5. The Last Poets, "When The Revolution Comes"

This poetic song, released in 1970, mirrors many of the same feelings we have today. When the revolution comes, we must be ready because all of us will face the consequences together.

4. YG & Nipsey Hussel, "FDT"

It's right in the title: "Fuck Donald Trump." Simple and to the point. Our sentiments exactly.

3. David Bowie, "I'm Afraid of Americans"

Queer God, David Bowie, described his fearful feelings toward America when he saw the first McDonalds go up in Indonesia. What we fear now is after spreading across the globe, we've elected a demagogue to rule it all.

2. CocoRosie & Anohni, "Smoke 'Em Out"

Inspired by the weary and disappointed citizens of America, this song features a call for the White House to be burned down by a mob of mothers and children with their forks and knives. Extreme? Maybe.

1. Sex Pistols, "Anarchy In The U.K."

England youth in the '70s were filled with rage, confusion and restlessness as their government continued to disenfranchise the people. Sound familiar?

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