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Son Comes Out to Dad in Mesmerizing, Single-Take Music Video, ‘Oh Father’


London-based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare returns to the music scene on October 14 with his sophomore LP, Aforger. The album explores Dare’s coming out to his conservative father, an experience marked by fear, intimidation, and anxiety.

“Oh Father” confronts the specific moment when Dare confronted his father. 

"[It's] certainly the most personal song I've put out in to the world and the subject is a sensitive one, so I felt any visuals we created had to respect this,” Dare says. “I wanted something that wouldn't distract from the song itself; the lyrics are quite purposefully unambiguous and are direct, so we chose to do a single-shot that would intensify the song and not allow the viewer up for air. The audience will read what they will in to the video and, I hope too, the song; for me they are both honest." 

The result is a mesmerizing visual experience, in which a cool color palette and Dare’s haunting vocals and piano chords viscerally connect to the song’s gutting lyrics.

Watch “Oh Father” below and pre-order Aforger here.

Tags: Music, coming out

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