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Vince Kidd Finds Beautiful Boys and Tragic Love in 'Almost Angels' Video

almost angels

Romeo & Juliet meets West Side Story by way of Kids in this quiet stunner of a music video. 

Star-crossed lovers have proved a resilient theme in art, from at least the days of the ancient Greeks, who all but had a hard-on for romance ending in someone's or everyone's death. The theme's most famous iteration is, of course, Romeo and Juliet, whose story has been told, reimagined and repurposed countless times over the years.

Singer/songwriter Vince Kidd adds to the historic heartbreak with his latest video for "Almost Angels," depicting two rival gangs threatening to destroy him and the love he found in a hopeless, ultraviolent place.

almost angels

Shot like a campaign for Hood by Air or some other painfully hip fashion brand, "Almost Angels" casts modelesque youth as the warring Milk and Kidd gangs.


They're pretty, they don't give any fucks, and they will blow up a car without a second thought--ah, youth.

As for the song, Kidd laced up his high tops to give you multiple runs and serve you all the notes, in the process coming off as a more tolerable Sam Smith. Check it out below:

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