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BAATHHAUS Breaks Out ‘Sweet Baby’ at Chicago’s the Empty Bottle 

BAATHHAUS Breaks Out ‘Sweet Baby’ at Chicago’s the Empty Bottle


Deliciously dark and sexed up to 11, BAATHHAUS brings synthy, stunning, sensuality to the forefront.

Photo by John Sturdy

If one is to categorize or even describe BAATHHAUS, it must be in the broadest possible terms. The Chicago-based quartet of Patrick Andrews, Dan Foley, Jesse Hozeny, and Jesse Morgan Young, doesn't just blur the lines of genre, aesthetic, and performance, BAATHHAUS erases them.

Thus the term, "queer," as in not normative, is the best term for the synth popy/dark wavey/post punky group. Even their name, a pseudo-germanophone translation on "Bath House" (although we must note that in German it would actually be Badehaus) has its roots in queer sexuality.

Having made an excellent showing at last year's Stargayzer queer music festival in Austin, the band's dark, glitter-riddled star has continued to rise.

The band just released footage from their show last month at Chicago's The Empty Bottle (shot by Joseph Crawford, Rebecca Voslar, and Luis Sapien and edited by Joseph Crawford), so if you want a gestalt view of what the band's all about, give it a look.

Watch the live footage below:

Sweet Baby (Live @ The Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL - June 12, 2015) from BAATHHAUS on Vimeo.

BAATHHAUS is Jesse Morgan Young, Jesse Hozeny, Dan Foley, & Patrick Andrews.


Shot by Joseph Crawford, Rebecca Voslar, Luis Sapien

Edited by Joseph Crawford

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