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Listen: The Ultimate Giorgio Moroder Playlist

Terry Richardson

This week Giorgio Moroder unveiled the video for “Déjà Vu,” his ecstatic new single with Sia, which has quickly become a surefire contender for 2015’s song of the summer. If Moroder’s name doesn’t ring a bell… well, chances are you’re more familiar with his music than you think.

You can read all about the Italian songwriter-producer in our new profile, including how he helped turn Donna Summer into a disco icon and how he essentially created contemporary dance music—house, techno, electronica, what the kids now call EDM, all of it. But while you do, why not actually listen to his groundbreaking tunes?

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To celebrate his star-studded new comeback album, Déjà Vu, out next month, we’ve taken on the tough task of assembling a collection of what we think are Moroder’s best, most enduring songs. In the 30-track playlist below, which spans 40 years of music, you’ll find awesome examples of his synth- and vocoder-heavy solo work (“From Here to Eternity,” “I Wanna Rock You”) as well as Donna Summer essentials (from the game-changing gay anthem “I Feel Love” to the glorious closing-time classic “Last Dance”). You’ll also find Moroder’s Oscar-winning cheesetastic smash with Irene Cara, “Flashdance…What a Feeling,” and his winning collaborations with Blondie (“Call Me”) and David Bowie (“Cat People”). However, we’ve also included lesser-known numbers like “Now I Need You,” “Working the Midnight Shift,” and “Queen For a Day” (which make up the sublime Act Two trifecta of Summer’s Cinderella story-album, Once Upon a Time) as well as Cara and Moroder’s more adventurous computer-love gamble “Romance ’83.”

If you’re a neophyte to his catalog, consider this your aural copy of Moroder For Dummies. If you’re a fan, take a sequin-strewn boogie down memory lane, and you may uncover a hidden gem you’ve never heard. So click here and feel the love.

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