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Exclusive: James Panther Premieres Video for 'Desirable'

Exclusive: James Panther Premieres Video for 'Desirable'

James Panther

Watch the video for the piano singer-songwriter's pop song about objectification and love.

Today is the official release of the single from Oregan-based singer-songwriter James Panther's "Desirable." As he tells Out in our interview:

"All of the parts of the video were different facets of my life. I had actually done this "Shame Clown" performance art thing a few years before, and it just seemed right to have it be part of the video. I wanted to make a statement about that shame archetype that I think a lot of people are carrying around privately. Dramatizing it felt perfect, and I created this whole nightmarish scene of being hated on and hating yourself, and juxtaposed it with this shaman, spiritual character. I've been a big part of the west coast traveler culture for the last five years and that's been a huge motivator, gathering culture and spiritual communities and radical queer communities. It was very autobiographical in a way."

The single is available for purchase at Watch the video below:

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