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3 Reasons the #VengefulBitches of The Beguiled Are Your New #SquadGoals

3 Reasons the #VengefulBitches of The Beguiled Are Your New #SquadGoals

The Beguiled Movie

These fearless leading ladies are not messing around.

Lucky for us, movies starring strong female leads are becoming increasingly popular (and raking in the box office dollars to prove it). This means, hopefully, that we're entering a film era full of rich, diverse storytelling, storytelling that works to upend the years of stereotyped gender representation and present viewers with more complex and varied female characterizations.

A vanguard of this new wave: Sofia Coppola's new film, The Beguiled.

The Beguiled is an atmospheric thriller from acclaimed writer/director Sofia Coppola. The story unfolds during the Civil War, at a Southern girls' boarding school led by Miss Martha (Nicole Kidman). Its sheltered young women take in an injured enemy soldier (Colin Farrell). As they provide refuge and tend to his wounds, the house is taken over with sexual tension and dangerous rivalries, and taboos are broken in an unexpected turn of events.

Sexual tension, Southern belles, Nicole Kidman and an injured Colin Farrell in need? Sounds like a gay man's dream come true. And you know any movie using a hashtag as provocative as "#VengefulBitches" is just asking for gay men everywhere to join the conversation.

Here are three reasons we think this group of #VengefulBitches will be your new #SquadGoals:

1. Nicole Kidman slays as the HBIC
There are few things gay men love more than a strong HBIC (that's "head bitch in charge" for those of you just tuning in). And Nicole Kidman is the perfect actress to lead the #VengefulBitches of The Beguiled. Kidman plays Martha Farnsworth, or simply "Miss Martha." And it's clear from the beginning -- she knows what she wants. Icy stares and Southern charms are quite the deadly combination, it seems.

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2. The rest of the cast is what #SquadGoal dreams are made of

Taylor Swift may have a squad for days, but The Beguiled has gathered its own masterful group of talented actresses. Kirsten Dunst plays Edwina, a quiet character who will leave you guessing until the end. Dunst is joined by Elle Fanning as Alicia, more of the wild child in the house, not afraid to try new things. These female powerhouses are joined by relative newcomers Angourie Rice, Oona Laurence and Addison Riecke. And if all the tensions we've seen built in the film's trailers are to be believed, these are five women you definitely don't want to cross.

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3. Sisters before misters
While it certainly looks like things get a little shady ("rivalries" may be putting it mildly), at the end of the day, we get the feeling this is one squad that isn't going to let a single man get between them. Just like these women are sure to learn, gay men know the importance of friendship, especially when compared to the oft-changing roster of lovers and trysts, boyfriends and flings. If there's one thing gay men know, it's "sisters before misters" is advice to live by.

Are you ready to see this story unfold on screen? The Beguiled hits select theaters June 23 and will be everywhere June 30. Join the conversation and let us know which #VengefulBitches you'd like in your dream #TheBeguiled squad.

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