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Watch: If You Could Change Your Sexuality With a Drug, Would You?

The Cost of Change

Filmmaker Tristan Reginato's short, The Cost of Change, follows an illegal drug which alters sexuality from gay to straight.

Queer New York filmmaker Tristan Reginato's debut short, The Cost of Change, probes at a concept many LGBTQ people have likely dreamt about at one point in their journey: the ability to change your sexuality. The fictional film follows Yuri (Gabriel Sommer) in the wake of his boyfriend's overdose. After debating with his friend Rachel (Heather Schwalb), Yuri decides to take an illegal underground drug, called Gendora, that's believed to make queers straight.

Within a few days, Gendora successfully makes Yuri seek women, which leads him to the film's love interest, Gwen (India Menuez). In the process of taking this drug and becoming a heterosexual man, he ultimately discovers new truths about the human condition and his own surroundings. When Yuri finds out about Gendora's deadly side effects, however, he must decide whether he'd like to continue living a life untrue to himself and suffer, or simply accept being queer.

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"I'd been thinking about a world where one could take a drug to change their sexuality," Reginato told OUT. "It seemed like it could reflect something about the human condition that could be very interesting. [The Cost of Change] was my first film and I created it almost in a way to tell myself that even if I had the opportunity to be straight, I would still choose to be who I am. It's good to stay true to yourself and not let societal standards disrupt your life, cause at the end of the day, we are all very unique individuals."

Watch the OUT premiere of Tristan Reginato's The Cost of Change, below.

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