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The Other Great Judy

The Other Great Judy

Sony Pictures Classics

She's happy she got to make out with legendary Lily Tomlin in Grandma.

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

In Grandma, Judy Greer plays the jilted lover of Lily Tomlin's steely title character. The actress says the film marks new territory, but Greer (known for Jawbreaker, Arrested Development, and this summer's Jurassic World) has been raising glasses with gays for years.

You've never played an LGBT character before, right?
I'm going to say you're right, but I might look back later and be like, "Oh, but I did do that." Though my role in Grandma is super "out," in terms of making out with a woman -- which is awesome. Especially when the woman is Lily Tomlin.

Were there any memorable scenes left on the cutting-room floor?
There's a part of the restaurant argument that got cut out. I start screaming at the top of my lungs to a customer, "Here's your hot sauce! Here's your hot sauce!" and I'm dumping hot sauce on her quesadillas. It got all over my fingers, and then I'd scratch my face and burn my eye. It was really fun.

Perennial supporting actresses like you tend to have strong gay followings. Are you aware of that?
I don't know if I'm aware of that, but I am aware of my own gay fan base, and I have to say, it's the greatest. Y'all are so loyal. Jawbreaker became a gay cult classic, and because of it, I can go to any gay bar and not pay for a drink. So, thank you forever.

Grandma opens Aug. 21. Watch the trailer below:

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