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May 2019

Artist Devin Morris Creates Space to Explore Male Intimacy

His work, composed of found objects and bold colors, is part of a long legacy of HIV-positive artists putting their own bodies on the line.

I Make Queer Art. Do I Have to Think About Straight Audiences?

In this installment of our advice column !Hola Papi!, John Paul Brammer takes on the art world addressing the concerns of one woeful dancer.

Keith Haring's Iconic Work Was Inspired by Black and Brown Culture

Keith Haring’s work is known worldwide — but its origins in the queer black and brown culture of downtown New York haven’t made it as far.

Tarell Alvin McCraney Isn't Done Telling Black, Queer Stories

Two years after winning the screenwriting Oscar for 'Moonlight,' he's just getting started. 

Why Queer Art Can Learn Something From Anime

The writer Jeremy O. Harris thinks Japanese cartoons are the queerest art out there.

MOTHA Is Preserving Transgender Hirstory One City at a Time

With an unconventional museum model, Chris E. Vargas is helping trans people see themselves through art and objects.

7 Queer Artists Who Are Breaking the Industry Standard

From sculpture, to photography, to performance, these are the LGBTQ+ art-makers we need to hear from right now.

How Rising Art Star Raúl de Nieves Got His Start in Queer Spaces

On the tail end of his first solo museum exhibition, sculptor and performance artist Raúl de Nieves reflects on the queer spaces that shaped him.

Meet the Mind Behind The Met’s Camp Exhibition

Following the opening of The Costume Institute’s exhibit “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” the Andrew Bolton walks us through the collection’s inspiration

Here’s How Eurocentric Beauty Standards Broke the Art World

A hot person explains a complicated topic. This month, Rakeem Cunningham explains how his industry has erased Black art.

Making Work in Her Own Image

“I made a body of work that was explicitly critical of trans empowerment narratives," says Brooklyn-based artist Río Sofia.

How Queer Artists Are Leveling the Scales For the Next Generation

The likes of Mickalene Thomas and Nick Cave are doing the work to assist creatives who have historically foudn it difficult in the art industry.

Buying Art in the Age of Instagram

Nats Getty grew up surrounded by some of the best art in the world. As an adult, she says everyone should be surrounded by art they love.

Alvin Ailey Is Finally Getting His Flowers -- 30 Years Too Late

The late choreographers' legacy lives on in the current cast of Ailey II.

LGBTQ+ Art Experts Share 7 Tips for Starting Your Collection

How can a beginner art collector best support the labor of LGBTQ+ creatives? For these industry insiders, it’s a matter of intent. 

How a Self-Proclaimed Butch Lesbian Became a Fashion Supermodel

Ruth Bell never wanted to fit into the fashion industry. Now, she's one of the most in-demand names in the game.

Zanele Muholi Forever Changed the Image of Black Queer South Africans

For this visual activist, coming of age in South Africa’s Apartheid era wasn’t easy — and neither is setting the path for the next generation.

Queer Artists Don’t Owe You Anything ‘in the Age of Trump’

Kimberly Drew, guest editor of our art issue starring Zanele Muholi and Ruth Bell, weighs in on the queer duties of the art world.