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Two of Hearts: Meet Knockout Couple Percy Katt and Myles Sexton

Two of Hearts: Meet Knockout Couple Percy Katt and Myles Sexton

Percy and Myles
Photography by Tara Noelle

When these Toronto-based lookalikes found each other, love sent their creativity soaring. 

What happens when a bombshell performer and designer meets his equal in a model and makeup artist? In the case of Canadian cuties Percky Katt and Myles Sexton, a little doppelganger magic. Sometimes literally intertwined amid their collaborations, these comely lovers didn't embrace or recognize their resemblance until the world took notice. Now, they're making their own creative dreams come true while also working together, and still finding the time for nature hikes and fits of laughter. Amid the hustle of their growing roster of gigs, the couple sat down with OUT (just in time for Valentine's Day), and dished on what it's like when your other half even looks like he's a part of you.

SLIDESHOW: Percy Katt and Myles Sexton

OUT: How (and when) did you two find each other?

Myles Sexton: Four years ago, I was backstage during my first season modeling for Fashion Art Toronto, a large local fashion week event. I remember looking across the room and seeing this beautiful blonde in gold platforms and matching petite attire. I thought he was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen, but I didn't have the confidence to talk to him yet. Four years passed, and a mutual friend posted an image of Percy on Facebook. I asked the friend who the model was and almost immediately sent Percy a friend request. There was about a month and a half of casual conversation before we met on work terms, but a few meetings in we realized we were interested in much more than just collaborating.

The two of you look like soul mates. I think it starts with the resemblance but then goes inward. Did it feel like that right away, or was that something that grew with the relationship?

MS: In the beginning, I don't think either of us knew what to expect. Once the walls came down we both realized how dynamic we were together. Being around Percy is like being with my best friend. I never tire of him. A month into our relationship, it was Valentine's Day, and I so badly wanted to tell Percy that I loved him. And then suddenly he took the words right out of my mouth. We both strongly believe that you only say I love you when you truly mean it, and we both just both knew that this relationship was so drastically different from any we'd had in the past.

Percy Katt: I definitely feel like I've found my soul mate in Myles. The first several times we hung out it was under the pretense of collaboration, so I just wasn't in the headspace of thinking of us as anything but artists who might become friends. But one day there was a complete shift, and I knew without a doubt that he would be a perfect fit for me. Things progressed and got intense incredibly quickly. As for the twin fixation, it's funny because it's not something either of us ever thought of until people brought attention to it. I've never dated one particular-looking type of person, so it really did happen by accident.

MS: Neither of us saw the resemblance. Friends pointed it out, and strangers on the street. It's been quite entertaining since then--I always wanted to be a twin.

Percy and Myles embed

Briefly describe what each of you do, and how your connection to each other fuels your creative pursuits.

MS: Currently I'm working as the regional makeup artist and educator for Lancome at Sephora. I'm also the co-owner of Nord magazine. I've also been modeling for eight years, which has inspired my other passions, like designing a line of jewelry. Percy is always creating, or planning something that he wants to create. Sometimes I get so into a business mindset that I forget how much I miss spending time with my limitless imagination. But being around such positive energy like Percy's all the time really inspires me to create more.

PK: I'm a visual and performance artist and graphic designer. I'm currently in school full time and I'm always working on an array of projects from burlesque (or boylesque) gigs to video and photo work. I don't feel that our relationship has changed my solo pursuits, but collaborating has opened up a whole other type of expression. Myles is more fashion-focused and I'm more art-y and out there, so it's fun to dabble somewhere in the middle when we work together.

For some, your pseudo-twin pairing (not to mention openness to sexual expression) would make you fetish objects. Does that come up a lot among people? Are you yourselves turned on by the notion?

MS: We both loved this idea of being twins, which the outside world revealed to us. It's been really exciting to play with that a bit, and also see how companies are hiring us now to model as twins together. Through social media, we definitely get some comments from people that neither of us really know how to react to. We both have a very monogamous mindset, so it's sometimes frustrating to get some of the unwanted attention we get. But on the other end of the spectrum, it's incredibly positive to see support for strangers. Just being out in public together, people are very sweet and complimentary, and express kindness to us.

Percy, you in particular do a lot of boylesque and risque performance art. How do those sorts of things affect or factor into the relationship between the two of you? What are the positives and negatives of being in a relationship while "selling sex," so to speak, as part of your work?

PK: I don't really see the things I do so much as selling sex. I'd like to think that my art is generally a commentary on gender roles and sexuality in our society, and I hope the main takeaway is that it's something that provokes thought and discussion on these topics--not just some sexual thrill. I don't think it affects our relationship too much because there is a massive distinction between my artistic self-expression and my personal life. I'm a serial monogamist no matter how crazy my life seems from looking at my photos.

Given the resemblance and other parallels between the two of you, is there ever any sense of competition? Or do you tend to operate as a supportive unit?

PK: I don't feel that there's a sense of competition. I was in New York and Europe modeling when I was a teenager, and I was completely over it by the time I met Myles. When we started dating, I think a lot of people were excited to use us as their muses, and I went along with it as a fun thing to do as a couple--just another experience to share together. We have similarities, but we're also incredibly different and within different niches, so we don't really step on each other's toes.

SLIDESHOW: Percy Katt and Myles Sexton

Percy and Myles embed 2

What's your personal secret to maintaining a relationship and keeping it exciting and healthy?

PK: We're best friends, we don't take ourselves too seriously. I think living with someone who makes you laugh every day is the most important thing. We're also both really affectionate.

What are each of you working on now, and what collaborations do you have planned together in the near future?

PK: I'm just finishing up my latest video with my creative partner, Obskyura, for our duo Kkunt Factory. I'm so excited about it--it's absolutely ridiculous and wrong in the best possible way. I've also just started sketching costume ideas for a new act that will be pretty mind-blowing and eccentric. Myles and I just flew back from Los Angeles, where we were taking part in a massive fashion and hair event that took up a lot of our time and energy. We're asked to take part in projects all the time, but we're both so busy that it's always a matter of seeing what's possible and realistic within our schedules.

Describe your last date together and your dream date together.

PK: Myles recently flew back home with me to hang out with my family and meet all of my high school friends. It meant so much to me to see him interacting with everyone that I love most, and he fit in so naturally. My dream date for us would be some sort of adventure in nature. We love discovering waterfalls and going on beautiful hikes, and our upbringings have made both of us very connected to the outdoors.

Pick one quality about each other that you love and describe why you love it.

PK: Myles has the most generous spirit. He makes such an effort to make everyone he cares about feel special and appreciated. He's the kindest person I've ever known.

MS: Percy is just so open minded and loving that being with him really allows me to be my authentic self. All my insecurities that I might have had just disappear. For example, no one can get me to dance--except Percy.
* * *

Below, view the behind-the-scenes video of Percy and Myles's photo shoot, created exclusively for Edited by Percy Katt.

SLIDESHOW: Percy Katt and Myles Sexton

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