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La Crema

Great Wines for 5 Holiday Occasions

La Crema Holidays Wine Recommendations

For the Holiday Potluck
La Crema's Monterey line of wines are bright, unrestrained and easy drinking options for those large holiday gatherings where you've invited everyone and their mother. They are also the perfect choice to have when there's plenty of food at the table and there's no way you can possibly pair each dish with a different wine. The Monterey Pinot Noir and Monterey Chardonnay will work nicely with pretty much anything!

For the Party Host
As a guest, it's important to bring a gift to your host (or hostess) for the holiday party they've put together. I mean, if you're not doing the dishes, you better bring something worth your hosts' time spent organizing and preparing. La Crema's Sonoma Coast series is the perfect indulgence for them to enjoy after the party is over.


For the Hipster Gathering
If you're heading to a party where you expect it to be a scene of hipsters and downtown types, bring a taste of Oregon, like a bottle of La Crema's Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. This deliciously balanced Pinot will score points with even the most discerning wine drinkers. It pairs beautifully with the trendiest of amuse bouches, artisanal local cheeses, or obscure micro-produce grown by your neighbors.

For Making an Impression
Maybe you got a promotion this year and want to make a statement by bringing a truly "nice bottle of wine" to the table? Whether you're going to a legit holiday event or the goal is to impress someone, reach for a bottle from La Crema's Russian River Valley series. The Russian River Pinot Noir and Russian River Chardonnay are classic, rich wines that are sure to get a favorable nod of approval.


For a Special Dinner
Are you planning an intimate holiday dinner for you and that special someone? Go for the good stuff with La Crema's Nine Barrel series - exceptional bottlings from the nine highest quality barrels of the vintage. Nine Barrel Pinot Noir and Nine Barrel Chardonnay make for a special holiday season indulgence, even if you just want to pour yourself something special after a full, but perhaps exhausting, weekend of entertaining family.

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