Suit Yourself

Suit Yourself

Rule #1
If You've Got It, Flaunt It
Did we really need to tell you that? Men who are blessed with a solid physique should absolutely choose the classic swim-brief or retro square-cut brief. We'll salute you.

Rule #2
Know Your Whites
If you're one of those lucky fellows blessed with naturally olive skin or already happen to have a great tan, a white swimsuit is the way to go. Bold, yes -- but it's also crisp, clean, forever chic, and totally classic.

Rule #3
Color Me Good
If white makes you feel a little too, er, exposed, no worries: Simply go with vibrant pop colors like banana yellow, magenta or aqua. Remember: summer is the time of year to have fun and play with color, so don't be afraid to be frisky and flirty!

Rule #4
Keep It Short
If you're on the fence about your shape, opt for a mid-thigh short with a slimmer cut. These shorts feel very retro and sporty, and manage to look great on practically every body type. But don't let the shorts go past your knees -- nobody looks good in oversized board shorts, and it's time we retire them for good. If you haven't made it to the gym in a while, don't let it all hang out. A little mystery is always nice.

Rule #5
Forget the Fine Print
This year, it's good to stay away from floral or paisley prints. Such a bold statement requires quite a bit of bravery, and honestly, there aren't a lot of people who can pull it off. However, a great plaid that feels vintage always does the trick, and it's super-sexy to boot. Also: You can never go wrong with a simple stripe.

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