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Business, Bravery and Balance: Martin Solorzano in The Six Pack

Business, Bravery and Balance: Martin Solorzano in The Six Pack


Martin lets us in on his journey to find the groove between the fast-paced life of business ownership and unplugging, even momentarily, for his own sake.

To those who know Martin Solorzano, business might seem like his entire world. As the sole owner of STAFFED, INC., a lot of the behind the scenes responsibility necessary for the survival of the venture rides on his shoulders.

"I wish that I could just end the workday--you know, call it a night," Martin says in his exclusive Six Pack feature. "But if I don't do the job, nobody else is."

Maintaining friendships, keeping up with family and finding space for his own personal time all compete with a heavy sense of duty to his company and colleagues. Like many of the other young professionals featured in The Six Pack, his journey to find balance is an ongoing one.

Find out more about Martin in the final episode of The Six Pack, presented by Coors Light.

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