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Ann Marie and Her Mouthwatering Culinary Career

Ann Marie and Her Mouthwatering Culinary Career

ann marie

Meet the queen of the bar at NYC's premiere farm-to-table, Latin fusion restaurant.

Ann Marie Del Bello has dedicated much of her life and career to New York City's culinary excellence. She got her start as a runner in a kitchen, then moved up to become a server, a sommelier, and then the kitchen's manager. Most recently, she accepted an exciting new role as beverage manager for a prestigious, Manhattan Latin fusion restaurant.

In her exclusive Six Pack feature, Ann Marie discusses desiring the most out of life while learning to balance ambition and self-care--a vital discourse for any aspiring professional. As her career progresses, she finds herself more and more a teacher of sorts; fitting, as both of her parents taught professionally and instilled in her the value of learning at a young age.

Find out more about Ann Marie in the third episode of The Six Pack, presented by Coors Light.

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