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Justin Harter and His CITYSTICKS

Justin Harter and His CITYSTICKS

justin harter

CITYSTICKS serves up ice pops with a personality.

As a kid, Justin Harter and his family often took trips from their landlocked Ohio hometown to the beach. He now lives in Rockaway Beach, New York City, and credits his love of sunshine and the ocean to these fond memories.

Having worked in the customer service industry for more than ten years, Justin is an expert at interacting with customers. Recently he started a New York City-based ice pop company called CITYSTICKS, which creates drinks on a stick, or "ice pops with personality." When CITYSTICKS was just beginning, Justin would walk up and down Rockaway Beach selling pops from a cooler, all while dancing to disco and chatting with the locals.

Now Justin serves five locations across New York and is developing an app called Combrr, which will deliver CITYSTICKS and other beachside treats directly to sand-lounging users. The app uses GPS location services to allow the delivery team to bring food, umbrellas, and suntan lotion directly to users across Rockaway Beach.

Find out more about Justin Harter in the second episode of The Six Pack, presented by Coors Light.

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