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6 Tips for Traveling with your Pet


Plus everything you’ll want to bring along for the ride.

Next time you hop a flight for a tropical getaway or feel the urge to road trip down the coast, bring your pet along with you. We break down the rules for cat and dog airfare alike, help you find a pet-friendly hotel, and share everything you need to know to take your pet on the road for your next adventure.

  • Before you fly, make sure you check with your airline to see their rules for bringing animals. For smaller pets, most airlines let you keep them in a small bag or crate beneath the seat. Take some treats and pack their favorite toy or blanket so their trip as comfortable as possible!
  • If you're traveling internationally, you're going to need vaccination certificates so your pet can get into the country. Other fees and certificates apply depending on where you're going, so be sure to have as much current info as possible before you get to the airport.
  • For road trips, bring a portable water bowl, as well as an extra supply of your pet's food in case you can't buy more along the way (changing your pet's food on short notice can upset their stomachs.)
  • Other essentials include portable litter boxes and waste bags, and any vitamins or special medications. Also, a leash or harness is great for when you want to stretch your legs, and a toy or pet bed can make the backseat feel just like home.
  • If your pet gets sick along the way, having a first aid kit handy can solve any immediate problems. In case it's something more serious, keep your vet's contact information and your pet's medical records close, and locate any local pet hospitals in the area if you need to stop.
  • When you've finally made it to wherever you're going, you'll need a place to stay. More and more pet-friendly hotels are popping up all over the country, and you can even search for them by city. Check for any specific policies ahead of time, and bring some kind of pet notice to put on your door.

Keep these any of these travel tips in mind next time you set out with your pet to make it stellar trip for everyone!

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