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A Tale of Two Bagels: NYC Vs. Montréal

A Tale of Two Bagles

A guide to the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between world’s hole-iest bread.

Photography By Greg Garry.

Which city does the bagel better? Read and then taste.

New York:

Size: Very round--bulbous, even--with a small hole that almost looks like a dimple.

Method: A quick boil and traditional bake keeps them fluffy yet chewy.

Ingredients : Extra malt and salt are key factors; some say the metals in the local water add extra magic.

Flavors: With less ceremony around toppings, New York tastes range from "plain" to "everything"



Size: A tubular ring with a noticeable gap in the middle. Much thinner than the American kind, like Canadians themselves.

Method: Boiling in honey water then baking in a wood-fired oven gives them a sweet crunch and slight char.

Ingredients: More eggs in the dough recipe, with a touch of honey as well.

Flavors: Sesame is the OG flavor; poppy is an acceptable secondary option.

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