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A Q&A With Dashing Jonathan Colombini: Celebrity Hair Stylist 

A Q&A With Dashing Jonathan Colombini: Celebrity Hair Stylist


Celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Colombini talks working with big-name clients, and what he looks for in a hair-loss supplement. 

We sat down with celebrity stylist, Jonathan Colombini, who perfects the manes of Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Laura Prepon just to name a few. He said that more clients (both men and women) are expressing concerns about their hair health and are looking for proactive preventive solutions.

OUT: How do you handle clients' questions regarding hair loss and thinning hair?

Jonathan Colombini: Be as open and honest with them about what they can do and that it is absolutely normal to happen. I feel it is my responsibility as their stylist to talk to them about the good and the bad since I'm the one looking at their head from a POV that others might not see.

Does it differ between men and women?

Men are more likely NOT to talk about hair loss as it can be a sensitive subject as it can happen at a young age and much more rapidly. Women are more open and want to find a fix and a solution. Having a product created specifically for men has made it easier to kick start the conversation.

What do you look for in a hair loss solution and what do you recommend?

An all natural and more holistic approach, which is why Nutrafol is perfect. You take it each morning as part of your routine. Other products are costly, have adverse side effects, and involve many steps and a lot of waiting time to see any difference which can be very small.

How were you introduced to Nutrafol?

I came across it in my salon and have been a huge fan ever since.

How has Nutrafol helped you with hair loss?

I've been taking Nutrafol for Men for over a year now. Both my boyfriend and I have noticed thicker, fuller, healthier hair. We noticed re-growth in the areas where it was lost and also new hair growth. On top of this, our nails and skin are stronger and healthier.

What would you tell a person who is hesitant or nervous to try Nutrafol?

I'm pretty straightforward with my clients so I'd say, "What have you got to loose than what you're losing already" And then I would go on to show them my results and review the ingredients with them. Nutrafol is filled with great ingredients and I personally feel that everyone should be taking it -- it's great prevention!

Nutrafol is available for both men and women online and in premiere salons nationwide. Receive an exclusive 15 percent off your first purchase by using code "besthead17" during checkout. Find out more on the Nutrafol website.

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