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Hairstylist Dhairius Thomas reveals how he keeps our fave celebs looking STUNNING

“Victoria Monét is a true star. She is committed to the stage,” Dhairius Thomas tells Out. “She’s involved with everything, from her hair to her makeup and down to her wardrobe and visuals. We should protect her at all costs.”

The Best Products to Protect and Beautify Your Hair and Skin

We've got all the grooming essentials you'll need for great skin and a gorgeous head of hair.

Sarah Paulson Reveals Her Favorite (& Least Favorite) Wigs She's Ever Worn

Few know the art of wig acting like Sarah Paulson.

How to Make Your Hair Extraordinary

Are you prepped to protect your precious locks?

On Coming To Terms With Baldness While Femme

Art director Sean Santiago finds beauty in a process that is a daily reminder of masculinity.

Experiencing Hair Loss as a Model: An Interview With Giorgos Tsetis

From years of research to an effective hair loss supplement: Giorgos Tsetis talks about Nutrafol's creation, research and hair loss.

An Interview With Dashing Celebrity Hair Stylist Jonathan Colombini

Celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Colombini talks working with big-name clients, and what he looks for in a hair-loss supplement. 

How To Look Like Hugh Jackman (Or At Least Try)

A boy can dream -- but with expert tips from Hollywood star groomer Jason Schneidman, you're getting that much closer...

The Gatsby Hair

Complete your 1920s look with Leonardo DiCaprio's hairdo in 'The Great Gatsby'

The Best Hair Styling Products For Men

How and when to use men's hair styling products

Oh You Pretty Things: New Romantic

Alain Pinon gives insider tips on how to get the

Oh You Pretty Things: Thin White Duke

Alain Pinon gives insider tips on how to get a good hold without looking oily

Oh You Pretty Things: Ziggy Stardust

Alain Pinon gives insider tips on how to get Ziggy mullet

Oh! You Pretty Things: Mod

Alain Pinon gives insider tips on how to get a famous Bowie look

Nice Hair, Mister Timberlake

Our best grooming tips to achieve JT's new hairdo