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We Love Dick: Talking Labels with Actress Kathryn Hahn

The star of Amazon's new series I Love Dick on queerness, labels & art in the Trump era.

In Jill Soloway's new show I Love Dick, Kathryn Hahn stars as Chris, a woman crazed with lust for a man named Dick, played by the aptly seductive Kevin Bacon. The show is made by women and features the incredible Hahn at its helm, offering a feminist story of a female protagonist actively realizing her capacity for desire. But at its core, I Love Dick is a story of identity--queer, not queer, artist, not artist--which is why when OUT sat down with the show's star, we wanted to discuss identity, and what it truly means to be an artist, particularly in this polarizing political climate.

Music & Filming By: Misha Lambert

Edited & Animated By: Hilton Dresden

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