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In Bed with ABCd's Out Talk Show Host Quinn Marcus


We caught up with the lesbian talk show host, and got it all on camera.

Meet Quinn Marcus, the lesbian host of ABCd's (ABC's digital platform) new talk show, A Little of Your Time with Quinn Marcus. Before that, she was a regular talking head on MTV's Girl Code and hosted the MTV interview series Quinnterviews. Aside from all that, she recently premiered the short film she wrote and starred in, A Lack of Dating in Brooklyn, at NewFest, New York's LGBT film festival, which this year honored Tituss Burgess with the Voice and Visibility Award.

We caught up with Quinn in her hotel room to chat about her career, her talk show, and her love life--and also got a clip out of it for our new video interview series Invading Your Space. Full interview below vid.

OUT: So Quinn. You're a filmmaker. You have a show on ABCd. That's ABC's digital platform.

Quinn Marcus: It's called A Little of Your Time with Quinn Marcus.

I watched a few episodes last night, just to prepare... Terry Crews, Maria Bamford. Who's been your favorite so far?

My favorite one? I like Moby. Moby the musician came to my house and we grilled vegan hot dogs but I fucked it up.

How did this show come about?

Well, when I was 17, I started doing man on the street interviews.

Quinnterviews on MTVU.

I was doing interviews on the street, and then I pitched it to MTV, and they picked it up, and I started doing celebrity interviews. So when I was in college I was doing Quinnterviews and I interviewed Adam Pally, from Happy Endings and Mindy Project. I interviewed him twice, and the second time he was like, "Hey, do you want a talk show?" He's my executive producer.

How'd you get the idea for the talk show: No band, no live audience, no nothing.

It's a portable talk show. I like it because if you don't have lights, and an audience, and a set, and a stage then people are more themselves. On a staged talk show, I feel like people know they're being watched. Drew and I came up with the format. It's a deconstructed talk show. Drew Van Steenbergen is the director of the show. You have all the parts of the talk show. But we turn them on their head. In different ways.

After Ellen referred to you as "MTV Girl Code's Resident Lesbian." Did you put that title on business cards?

I want to be Earth's resident lesbian.

The only one.

That's the plan.

So then you can't do anything lesbian.

You can do a lot with yourself, I've learned over the years.


This is by far the gayest interview ever.

Besides if you were gay-kissing.

That'd be porn.

So you have a short film. It's 17 minutes. It's called A Lack of Dating in Brooklyn. It just came to NewFest in New York City. It's about a lesbian girl played by you, and you wrote it. Where did the idea come from?

It's called "A Lack of Dating in Brooklyn" because I lived in Brooklyn a few years ago, and there was a lack of dating for me. I wrote it when I was 23, and now I'm 25, and it was very much what I was going through at that time. I felt very selfish when I was dating. I'm still trying to figure it out, but at that point I was just acting for myself, and it was very hard for me to see the other person on the other side of me dating them. I think people do that. It's hard to date. Honestly, I think there was a huge shift at 25 for me, and I saw dating differently. I would jump into relationships when I was younger. I would meet somebody and go, "I'm in love!" And date them for six months. It was always these six-month, really serious things, but then it was just a curiosity thing, because I was curious about people. And now I've realized, if you have an attraction to somebody, you don't have to jump into a relationship with them. So now I feel more free. I'm not hurting people as much because I'm not going, "I love you, I want you to be my girlfriend." I'm going, "Oh, I'm really interested in you right now. Let's explore each other."

Like Napoleon Bonaparte. Or Francisco Pizarro.

Both of whom I'm big fans. That's who you need to date. Somebody like that.

Where do you hope to be going down the road?

Drew Van Steenbergen and Andrew Merke and I make all of our shorts together, and the web show for ABC. And we really want to keep making the talk show. I'd love to have a show longer than five minutes.

You hear that ABCd? She wants six minutes!

Just give me five-and-a-half. I want to keep making talk shows. We want to make a feature.

What's the feature about?

I can't say. But all of our stuff is about people, and relationships.

You can watch new episodes of A Little of Your Time at

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