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Tiffany Haddish Loves Going to Gay Bars

Like a Boss stars Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne as business partners whose friendship is tested when a villainous cosmetics mogul invests in their beauty brand. Their on-screen friendship feels grounded and relatable, which is code for: they smoke a lot of weed together. During the film’s press day in New York, Out caught up with the pair to find out if any IRL research went into their stoner shenanigans.

“I can't...I get too paranoid,” says Byrne. “But I love that [the characters]y smoke pot because...they're a little irresponsible or whatever.”

Early on in the film, Haddish’s character says that she’s an ass woman, something the actress can relate to. “I like that good ass on a man,” she says. “That means he's got a powerful thrust.”

OK, tea!

Haddish’s character also claims she can spot a lace front from a mile away, a skill her real life counterpart also shares. That must make going to gay bars fun, right?

“-I don't know,” Haddish says.. “You know when I walk into a gay bar it is a wonderful experience for me. That's the one place where every man wants to buy me a drink and wants to tell me about some shit. ‘Bitch let me tell you’ and I'm like yes tell me! But I need a vodka first.

“‘Oh no problem’ and then we're drinking, we're laughing, we're having a great time and I do see some lace fronts and I'm like okay who did that? Cause that's a good one.”

Like a Boss is in theaters now.

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