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Billy Porter and Jennifer Coolidge Want to Fire Trump

Billy Porter and Jennifer Coolidge Want to Fire Trump

Billy Porter and Jennifer Coolidge Want to Fire Trump

“Get that bitch out of here,” said Porter. “As soon as possible!”

Every comedy relies on scene-stealing sidekicks, who usually get the best lines, and Like a Boss is no different. The comedy stars Rosy Byrne and Tiffany Haddish as owners of a beauty brand who catch their big break when makeup mogul Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) invests in their company. But their longtime employees, played by comedy legend Jennifer Coolidge and Pose's Billy Porter, aren't too happy about the changes -- especially when (spoiler alert, but it's in the trailer so whatever) Porter's character gets fired.

At the film's press day in New York, Out asked Porter and Coolidge if they'd ever had that kind of dramatic firing moment in real life. Porter said no.

"I'm the kind of person who doesn't...You know, I don't like begging," he says. "So, if you don't want me, I'm done. Like, I don't like chasing after things that end people in situations that don't want me...I've learned to focus on the things that do."

Asked if she'd ever had a boss as terrible as Hayek's character in the film, Coolidge recalled a woman she'd babysat for in the early days of her career, when she was part of the Groundlings improv group. "She had different kinds of water, like high quality water for her to drink in different water for me, and I had to come in the back door and it was this sort of humiliating experience," she recalls.

Coolidge decided to make the best of a bad situation. "I wrote down everything she said to me, and I performed it on was like's the ultimate revenge is just to work it out on stage."

And if Porter and Coolidge could fire anyone in the world, who would it be? The answer was obvious. "Trump! Get that bitch out of here," said Porter. "As soon as possible!"

Like a Boss is in theaters January 10.

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