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To Wong Foo Is on Netflix for Streaming Right Now

to wong foo

More, more, more queer cinema available (at least temporarily) easily to a large part of the public. Love to see it.

To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar will join the Netflix lineup according to an announcement by a Netflix Twitter account made today. The 1995 film, which features Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo as professional drag queens, hits the streaming platform today! The August lineup will also include the new Netflix series Styling Hollywood which follows stylist Jason Bolden and his husband Adair Curtis in not only their professional life styling looks and staging homes for their clients, but also as a married, Black gay couple.

 In May, To Wong Foo was brought to Blu Ray with additional content. Aside from the film, the disc came with footage that had been left on the cutting room floor as well as new interviews with the team. And while we don’t anticipate any of that making it into Netflix, the original feature is more than enough.

It comes as we see a resurgence of archival footage focused on the drag and ballroom communities be restored. In addition to To Wong Foo going to Blu Ray this summer, Paris is Burning made its return to theaters. As did The Queen. That latter film, when shown in its newly restored version at IFC also comes paired with a lesser known short documentary Queen of Hearts. Of them all though, To Wong Foo, with its RuPaul cameo, is likely the most well known and is the only fiction.

Who knows, maybe this will spur a reboot, revisit or recreation. A trio of drag queens going on tour after two of them split a crown handed to them by one RuPaul Charles? Sounds like a World of Wonder production that spins off of Drag Race

And if we can’t get that, the least we can get is Priscila Queen of the Desert added to the lineup. Yes, we know that it's already on Amazon but we would love a nice roll out on Netflix for the Australian predecessor. 

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