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Taron Egerton Confirms That Elton John Tops in ‘Rocketman’

Taron Egerton Confirms That Elton John Tops in Rocketman

Taron Egerton Confirms That Elton John Tops in Rocketman

We got the actor to spill the tea on the biopic’s steamy gay sex scene. (edited) 

Rocketman is very gay, that's something we can confirm to be a fact. It's a high-camp musical fantasy that transforms Elton John's legendary catalog across the years into movie musical production numbers that are truly magical in a rock biopic told through the eyes of its hero. While the production is a huge part of what makes the movie special (and gay) most of the film rests on the shoulders of star Taron Egerton, who channels every ounce of John's flamboyant persona, talent, and yearning he can.

Rocketman is also the first major studio film to feature a gay sex scene, something the filmmakers and Egerton are proud of. As I wrote in my review comparing the film to Bohemian Rhapsody, "it's certainly refreshing to see queer sex treated rather nonchalantly in a movie this big. But it's John's constant questioning of whether or not he'll ever find love and his messy relationship with boyfriend/manager John Reid that make Rocketman a much more human depiction of a queer man than Bohemian Rhapsody even tried to be."

Out traveled to London to see the film ahead of its UK premiere and chatted with Egerton about the responsibility he felt as a straight actor playing one of rock and roll's most enduring queer icons, the significance of Rocketman's groundbreaking gay love story, his questionably campy Met Gala look...and who tops who inthe film's steamy sex scene. Yes girls, we got all the tea we knew you'd want! "I can't believe I'm about to talk about this on camera," he said.

Rocketman is in theaters May 31.

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