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Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Maya Rudolph Teach Us How to Drunk Text

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Maya Rudolph Teach Us How to Drunk Text

The stars of Netflix’s ‘Wine Country’ are experts.

In Netflix's Wine Country (streaming May 10) an Avengers-level group of hilarious actresses -- Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Paula Pell, Ana Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch, and Emily Spivey -- head to Napa, California to celebrate Rebecca (Dratch's) 50th birthday with wine, sunshine, and, inevitably, plenty of drama.

The film is a hilariously heartwarming look at female friendship that centers a queer romance (Pell's character finds a love interest in a millenial waitress/artist, played by Maya Erskine). It's also based off of real trips these real-life friends, who have known each other since their days at Saturday Night Live, have been taking for years. Their decades of friendship are palpable in every scene, and the film is carried on their easy chemistry. It's also sharply written (by Spivey and Liz Cackowski) and lovingly captured by Poehler in her directorial debut. Plus, the gorgeous scenery of Napa is no strain to look at.

Out staff writer Rose Dommu journeyed to Napa to chat with the film's stars -- in between tastings at the Artesa Winery, where scenes from the film were shot -- to chat about the decades of research that went into building the ladies' on-screen friendships. And in the long tradition of drunk girls everywhere, Dommu asked the stars to help her spill the tea in a few drunk texts. The results were predictably hilarious.

Wine Countrypremieres on Netflix May 10.

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