Daily Crush: Three Designer Trunks To Celebrate Brazil

Daily Crush: Three Designer Trunks To Celebrate Brazil

What is Brazilian men's secret to be so confident and sexy? Perhaps it's their colorful choice in swimwear and underwear. Now that the World Cup has officially kicked off, why not try to emulate these fine gentlemen and put a little bit of sunshine in your trunks. Here are our three favorites:

CalvinKlein 0
 Brazil Sports Trunk by Calvin Klein, $34, CalvinKlein.com

Endorsed by soccer player Oscar Emboaba in the ongoing #MyCalvins campaign. 

GarconModel 0
 Brazil Trunks by Garçon Model, $34, GarconModel.com

During the World Cup, Garçon Model is donating all profit from their Brazil trunks to raise money for the charity Grupas Ruas e Praças to support Brazilian street youth in the host city of Recife.

Diesel 0
 Semajo Trunks by Diesel, $34, Diesel.com

Bright lime green undies, as tasty as a cool glass of caipirinha.

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