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Darren Criss Invests In Skincare

Darren Criss Invests In Skincare

Photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

Darren Criss's flawless skin had us in awe the first time we met him on this memorable photoshoot.

Now the actor will be able share his secrets on The Motley, a men's grooming website launched in 2010 by two siblings from Los Angeles.

Matthew and Madison Ruggieri, who founded the website on a $10,000 budget, were shocked when they received a large order of face wash, scrubs, shaving cream, and deodorant from a customer whose name sounded strangely familiar.

Criss, a self-confessed skincare afficionado, stumbled upon The Motley on an online shopping spree and decided to invest in the company as a third partner to the Ruggieris. 

The Glee star will also offer grooming tips and act as a "high-level lab rat" for The Motley's customers, he told the New York Times. He's already rounded up a selection of highly-recommended skincare products, which you can browse here.

Looking forward to receiving more beauty advice from you, Darren!

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