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Spring-Clean Your Underwear Drawer


The Underwear Expert gives you a few pointers on how to refresh your swelling collection of bodywear

Photo: Courtesy of The Underwear Expert

Spring is right around the corner which means: A) you're running out of time to get that Fire Island body you've been talking about all Winter; and B) you're running out of time to get your Spring cleaning done. With the help of The Underwear Expert, we've compiled the easiest ways to spring-clean out your underwear drawer to get you started. For those dust bunnies underneath your bed, you're on your own.

We know it's hard, but get rid of your old stuff.

The primary cause of underwear drawer chaos is simply having too much of it. Take a look and you'll no doubt see some pairs you've been "meaning to throw away" for years: Underwear you stole from your ex-boyfriend before he broke your heart, the lucky briefs you aced your LSAT's in, the comfy trunks you've had since you were 17. Whatever the reason for holding on to underwear that you don't wear anymore, it's high time they ship out. Take a picture of your underwear mementos (if you must) and then subject each pair in your drawer to these three fail-proof questions.

- Have I worn it in the last three months? If "No," toss 'em. If "Yes," move on.
- Is the elastic all frilly? If "Yes," throw them out!
- Are there any holes? If "Yes," you've gotta get rid of them.

Another good way to weed out the oldies is to ask yourself if you'd be embarrassed to be caught in the pair on a first date. Guys with nice underwear finish last, gents.

We know it's a pain, but you've gotta fold.

Folding your underwear is probably last on your To-Do list, but the return on investment is too high to ignore (and who wants wrinkly underwear anyways?) Fold your underwear back so that the front center of the waistband and pouch are visible, and then fold in half bringing the bottom of the pouch back.
With department-store-display-worthy undies, you'll easily be able to find the pair you want.

Organize your underwear drawer.

After you fold your underwear, separate them by style and then fill your drawer accordingly. You can also separate by occasion --gym, dates, work, weekend, etc.-- and keep the underwear you wear most often at the front for easy access. If you're really looking to make a change this, go all out and get (or make) some drawer organizers to help you keep everything sorted longer. Another option is to organize your drawer by color so you can always find the perfect pair for your outfit.

Keep your drawer fresh(-smelling).

At the risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, we're all about infusing your underwear with fragrance before you even put them on. This'll save you a spray on date night, and will be an olfactory delight every time you head to the loo. For you DIYers, spritz some tissue paper with your favorite cologne or one of our sexy scents recommendations and place it at the bottom of your drawer, changing out every few weeks. You can also invest in a scent sachet or other small space fragrance accessory. Scented Ovals by Diptyque ($45 each) will keep your drawer fresh for up to 90 days.

Now that we've helped you spring clean your underwear drawer, the hardest part is to keep it this way, and it's all on you. For more underwear advice and news, head to The Underwear Expert.

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