Boys In the Hood at Carven

Boys In the Hood at Carven

Carven's first menswear runway presentation on Wednesday brought back some uncomfortable memories of grammar school, when on cold days I was forced to wear a wool balaclava that covered my hair, ears, and neck—the ultimate protection against the harsh weather, according to my mom. Many of my schoolmates would tease me when I made my entrance in a get-up that only Steve Urkle would pull off. What a relief it is to know that in the light of Guillaume Henry's ski-inspired new collection, I can look back on those traumatic days and think of myself as incredibly fashion-forward.

Henry's ambition for Fall 2013 was to combine vintage skiing apparel with 1950s office wear. Most of the outfits featured suit pants cropped above the knee, a reference to the days when men would hit the slopes wearing traditionally short pants and high, woollen socks. It was an eyebrow-raising choice, but paired with colorful mohair sweaters and furry parkas, they created an adorable, boy-grown-too-fast effect in keeping with the exemplary schoolboy aesthetics of the past seasons.

Fashion faux-pas has become Henry's trademark. The son of a small-town mayor, the 33-year-old French designer embraces the clumsiness and innocence associated with the country to favor a more spontaneous approach to style. Three years at the creative helm of Carven have enabled him to grow and take ownership of his provincial upbringing: awkwardness becomes as a sign of individuality, and the Carven man rises into a fashionable anti-hero, achieving natural elegance against over-thought concepts.

See some of the best looks here.

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