Alexander Wang Takes Over Balenciaga

Alexander Wang Takes Over Balenciaga

Alexander Wang, who appeared on the cover of Out’s 2011 Tastemaker’s Issue, is to become the new creative director of Balenciaga, replacing the departing Nicolas Ghesquiere, who leaves today. “Wang is known for hipper, gregarious, the life of a party -- qualities not usually associated with “It” designers,” wrote William Van Meter, for a profile of Wang that accompanied his Out cover last year.

The 28-year old designer is known for a chic, moody style that subverts traditional menswear, such as a pair of leather track pants, or baseball shorts made in a chunky knit. One thing that may have appealed to the money men behind Balenciaga is Wang's modern approach to his work.

“I’ve always thought of myself as more than a designer,” he told Out. “It’s not the same industry it was five years ago. The landscape has changed. I work just as much in sales, marketing, press, online, and e-commerce as I do designing the collection.”


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