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Interview: Actor Max Irons, Star of Macy's INC Fall 2012 Campaign


The British thespian chats about being tapped as the face for the brand, two season's running.

Max Irons (yes, son of Jeremy) is no stranger to fashion, having already spent some time in front of the camera for the label Burberry, but the British-born actor is now starring in the fall 2012 campaign for Macy's clothing line INC for the second season in a row. We chatted up the charming fellow on his stop-off in New York to celebrate his sophmore outing with the brand, and got his take on personal style, his fashion heroes, and attending the Met Ball.

On being asked back as the face of Macy's INC: I was actually quite touched by the positive response [from the first campaign]. It's nice to be asked back and they're a great bunch who aren't afraid to collaborate.

On his personal style: If it's an event, I'm happy to wear a suit and tie, but I'm not a suit and tie guy, really. I'm more casual.

On clothing helping him get into character: Oh, it's a huge help. I'm doing a film called The White Queen, about Edward IV, and it's set in the 1400s. For some reason, it's when I get in the boots, and the coats with the wide arms, that helps me tremendously getting in character.

On who he thinks is stylish: James Dean. Robert Pattinson is pretty fucking cool. When he makes an effort he's cool, when he doesn't make an effort, he's also quite cool. Johnny Depp, even thought it's not the kind of thing I'd wear.

On going to the Met Ball: I went two years ago, and Pharrell Williams was there, and he kind of scooted past me in his tux, low-riding his trousers, but it just worked for him. He's a cool guy. The whole experience was crazy. I smoke, and the one place you can smoke there was like, Gisele, right there. All these people who you see in magazines just hanging out. And, of course, you have to play it cool.

On style in London: New York and London are quite similar, I think. In London we don't like to look like we've made too much of an effort really. I was in LA recently, and, you know you see a lot of pink shirts and buffed shoes. You wouldn't see that in London...Essex, maybe.

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