Happy Birthday Donatella Versace and David Beckham!

Happy Birthday Donatella Versace and David Beckham!

As if we need to remind you that we throw ourselves humbly at the feet of Donatella Versace and David Beckham—but we do so for very different reasons for each. When it comes to Donatella, we can't help but be charmed by her extraordinary story—from party girl to savvy business woman—her moxie, her sense of humor, and her ability to embody the opulent sexuality that her brand represents—regardless of age. Plus, no one spits out a one-liner like Ms. Versace, between puffs of her trusty cigarette.
David Beckham, on the other hand, is...well, look at him! He's drool-worthy when he's wearing minimal amounts of clothing, and he's so damn stylish when he does decide to toss something on. Not to mention the fact that he's married to Victoria Beckham, which is mind-bendingly awesome.
But regardless (or perhaps because of) their differences, both figures have secured some prime real estate in our hearts. We can only imagine that both are celebrating with style—a quality that both personalities possess in spades.

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