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Beer Goggles, Meet Beer Platform Heels

Beer Goggles, Meet Beer Platform Heels

Um, calling Sharon Needles. Sharon Needles, where are you? The purveyors of frothy hop-heavy delights, Heineken, is exploring different avenues for their signature materials and designs. While no one would fault you for immediately thinking of a sloppy night out at your local bar when thinking of the brand, it's most recent project, for Milan's Design Week, is refashioning your thoughts on the classic can and bottle. While we've all heard of the dangerous ailment "beer googles" wherein a rush of alcohol in the blood system suddenly makes less attractive possible-suitors suddenly much, much more appealing, they've also introduced the angular, architectural Heineken Heel, a towering riff on footwear made for a lover of libations. Warning, ladies, while these shoes may look fabulous and quirky, this heavy machinery certainly shouldn't be worn when under the influence.

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