Marc Jacobs Jokes About Stolen Collection

Marc Jacobs Jokes About Stolen Collection

Remember late last year when Marc Jacobs's entire spring 2012 collection of samples were mysteriously "lost" when making the rounds in Europe for press previews? That's a pretty huge deal (not to mention a huge financial annoyance) to have 46 outfits—most with multiple articles of clothing plus accessories—vanish without a trace. But Jacobs seems nonplussed by the event. In fact, it seems that he's having a bit of a laugh over it, ultimately. The Shophound found this flier posted in the storefront window of his Soho store. The faux-Wanted poster is asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of the mysterious thief (who is pictured with sunglasses and a concealed face) who lifted the goods. The best part is that the perpetrator's sex, age, heigh, weight, eye color, and hair color are all listed as unknown, but at the bottom of the bulletin, it's noted that the burglar will be "dressed to kill."

Photo courtesy of The Shophound

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