A Designer Who Stands By (and in) His Product

A Designer Who Stands By (and in) His Product

Here in New York, it looks like the winter may have passed by without much drama (fingers crossed—a March blizzard isn't unheard of), which leads optimistic souls thinking of spring and beyond. Yes: shorts, tank tops, soft polo shirts, and lightweight khakis are all part of the essential summer wardrobe, but paramount is the perfect bathing suit. More and more we turn to designer (and friend) Matthew Zink for his retro-glamorous, wink-wink/nudge-nudge kitschy, seventies-inspired swimwear brand Charlie. From revealing speedos to running shorts that leave not-so-much to the imagination, Zink has made seaside living a year-round fantasy come true. And as head of a lifestyle brand that anchors itself near the water's edge, Zink is appropriately easy on the eyes. We got our grubby little hands on these pictures of the designer wearing his very own goods in the most unexpected of ways—no scantily-clad vanity shots here, sadly, but instead, Zink poses for photographer Rick Day fully-clothed. Yet if you look closely, you'll find that even when covered up, a little of Charlie shines through. Check out the slideshow here. 

Photos courtesy of Rick Day for Charlie

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