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The Revolution Will Be Accessorized: Men Are Buying More Than Just Clothing


Men, once trepidatious shoppers, are splurging on shoes, ties, bags, and such.

Oh, that pesky recession. You can't go one day without some sob story of its withering effects on the fashion industry. And while economic calamities like the one that occurred in 2008 don't just fix themselves overnight, there are signs that things are looking up. The New York Timespoints to the fact that men's consumer confidence is on the rise again, but post-recession, a new shopping habit has emerged. Instead of blowing dough on fancy suits or hefty outerwear, male buyers are shifting their focus to hone in on the details. That means the sales of previously peripheral commodities like shoes, ties, jewelry, bags, umbrellas, and such are making a drastic comeback. Coach is reporting a double in men's sales, and Burberry is citing a drastic uptick from last year.
Trend analysts are citing the urbane--borderline foppish--flare that Europeans sport with suave finesse as ground zero for this trend. With street style blogs dotting the Internet landscape in abundance, there's no drought in inspirational imagery to show men that it's OK to be a bit grand with your sartorial choices, and the best way to test the waters is with something smaller, and less spotlight-stealing than, oh, say a neon pink suit (ahem--Brad Goreski). So c'mon guys, go get that wristlet you've been dying for...or those snazzy kicks that have been calling your name. It's not just in the name of fashion, it's helping the economy, too (or at least you can justify it by saying that).

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