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Truman Says

Dudes Are Wearing Their Hair in Buns Now


Boys have copped their latest hairstyle du jour from the ladies.

This week, the New York Times has focused its attention on the newest hair craze sweeping the nation (and by nation, I mean Brooklyn). Apparently, men are so over shaving the sides or their head and letting the top grow out (a trend they reported on two months ago) and are now letting their manes grow out and are pulling them back in schoolmistress buns (pictures is example A: Gavin Rossdale). I've been tipped off to this trend for about a year and a half now, seeing as our fashion editor Brent Coover (whose office is right next to mine, so I hear pretty much everything he says) has been vigilantly monitoring his hair length, and after nearly a year of upkeep, he is now the proud owner of a man bun. So there you have it, Out's own has been trailblazing the trend for more than a year now. When I told him the article, though, he gave an exasperated sigh and contemplated shaving it. His reasoning? "Now that the Times has covered it, it's officially over."

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