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Truman Says

Madonna's Red Carpet Disaster


We love you Madonna, but the dress has got to go.

Every time I write even the slightest of criticisms about her Holy Highness Madonna, everyone starts sending me straigt-up death threats the likes of which haven't been seen since Whitney Houston was being stalked in TheBodyguard. Oh, you know the type, right? The ones where the stalker cuts out different letters from different magazines and paste them together--the real classic-looking ones. And you know in this day and age, for someone to go to all that trouble, figure out my address and then pay the postage for it--well that's real commitment, so bravo, I guess. Despite all this, it's with a heavy heart that I reveal this tragic outfit to you all. Even the most diehard of Madonna fans has to admit that this bedazzled, tulle-wrapped mess should have stayed in the closet. Last night, the singer-director floated along the red carpet for the premiere of her film W.E. You know that old saying that you should take a look at yourself before you head out the door and take one thing off before you scidaddle out into the night? Well Madge should have heeded that bit of advice, and the one things she should have taken off is that horrifying frock. An interesting little tale about this dress: it's by the label Marchesa, which is designed by the wife of Harvey Weinstein, who helped produce the film. I wonder how she came to choose it...hmmmm. It was Mr. Green in the study with the candlestick, after all! Wait--what? Anyways, the real star of this premiere was Lady Bunny who was giving Madonna a run for her money.

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