Jared Leto: Best Dressed or Worst Dressed?

Jared Leto: Best Dressed or Worst Dressed?

Now that the holidays are over, and 2011's end steadfastly approaches, everyone is scrambling to compile year-end lists of all the bests, worsts, and everything in-betweens that occured during the past 365 days. In their reflection on the year in style, the stateside edition of GQ has voted actor/musician Jared Leto (note: I will forever refer to him as Jordan Catalano seeing as he was so adorably grunge-y and illiterate on My So-Called Life!) the worst-dressed celebrity of the year. Ouch. They even have a full slideshow of his clothing catastrophes.  That must be a bummer for Leto. But, he's probably a little confused, as well. It was only in October of this year that Leto was crowned (beauty queen-style) with The Style Award at German GQ's Man of the Year Awards. Perhaps Leto's style choices is one of those things that just gets lost in translation. But we have a solution to these mixed signals! Let Jared just walk around in as little clothing as possible, that's the only way to guarantee him looking smokin' hot, all the time. 

Photo courtesy of Terry Richardson

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