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10 Reasons Why We Love Donatella Versace


The designing diva reveals all.

A recent Newsweek/Daily Beast profile on the glamourpuss Donatella Versace was published over the weekend and it was as juicy as you'd want it to be. While Donatella has long been known as a diva to nth degree, it sounds like her interactions with writer Jacob Bernstein -- to discuss her H&M collaboration -- were more fabulously excessive than normal. Here are a few of the reasons why we still throw ourselves at the alter of Versace and the white-haired mistress behind it:

1. She showed up an hour-and-a-half late.

2. Her lighter (used for her signature Marlboro Reds) is "bedazzled with rhinestones."

3. Apparently, a magical glass of water follows Donatella wherever she goes. The explanation for this: "'We don't know how that glass gets there every time, but it always does,' a member of her staff says."

4. Her daughter's 18th birthday party somehow became an intervention for the designer, who was then in the midst of a cocaine addiction.

5. The only thing she complained about while in rehab was not being able to wear high heel shoes.

6. She's a close friend of Karl Lagerfeld.

7. She says things like: "We live in the world of fashion, the world of young people. It would be fake if I said, 'Better to be young inside.' No. Better to be young everywhere!"

8. And regarding Roberto Cavalli: "I think that to do a collection -- how do you say -- as an homage to Versace, this is fine. But when you do a lot of collections as an homage to Versace -- why? What's the point?"

9. In reaction to a PR reps reaction to her take down of Cavalli, she says: "'Was I a beetch?' Then she bursts out laughing."

10. This picture of the diva at work.

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