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Everything Old is New Again: Hollywood Faces


Who are the modern day counterparts to classic film stars?

As much as the world has become dependant on, obsessed with, and enamored with the ever-increasing speed at which technology advances there are some things that appear to remain forever constant. One striking example is the faces we worship on the silver screen. While no discernable talents are necessary to turn oneself into an overnight sensation via YouTube or a well placed sex tape, certain features seem to transcend time as iconic.

We only make mentinon of this because of a recent Photoshop experiment we caught via the website NovaStyle. A recent post shows the striking resemblences between Hollywood stars of yore and current celebs. The blending of pictures is eerie, and just validates the age old axiom that "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Clockwise from top left: George Cloony/Carey Grant, Angelina Jolie/Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Pattinson/James Dean, Scarlett Johansson/Marilyn Monroe

Photos courtesy of Nova

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