Fit Finder

Fit Finder

Shopping for jeans? Groan. Who has the time? We know your life is much better spent out and about in your jeans, rather than in a dressing room trying them on. So let us help. Our expert fit finder gives you all the short cuts to quickly make away with that perfect pair of jeans so you can get on with the fun part -- showing them off!

Show off your slender legs in an ultra-tight, top-to-bottom fit that makes a statement out of slimmer-than-average legs.

Tapered and slightly roomier than the Skinny, guys with more athletic bodies who love the ultra-slim look, or skinny guys who are looking to add some shape to their legs should cozy up here.

With no tapering and few angles, these utilitarian jeans fit almost any body type, especially athletic and slender guys blessed with curvy backsides.

Loosely cut from waist to cuff and tapering slightly, the perfect fit for men of any shape or size seeking a laid-back and carefree look.

Similar to Relaxed but with extra room in the waist and thighs, these jeans work for guys with large, muscular legs to get the casual, easy-going look.

Slim from thigh to calf with a wide-laying bottom, bootcut adds height to the frame and flare to the wardrobe.

Low Rise
With less fabric in the seat, this form-fitting cut is tailor-made to the structure of smaller and shorter body frames.

High Waist
Extra fabric in the seat will slim down and spruce up heavier men with a fuller stomach.

Wide Leg
Roomy legs and straight lines set thin legs in proportion to thick torsos.

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