Travel Well with Bottega Veneta

Travel Well with Bottega Veneta

In April 2011 Bottega Veneta in collaboration with photographer Christian Weber debuted the short film, "Vaggio Notturno" on the focus of travel. The film is an exercise in showcasing the atmosphere Bottega Veneta encompasses as a brand and its unique perspective on luxury.

Shot in New York City in the suite of an exquisitely chic hotel it follows a man and a woman, packing, unpacking and resting. It is unclear whether the individuals are together or apart. What is clear, however, is the focus-shift in this film, instead of the classic artisanal process, "Vaggio Notturno" created a story. Allowing viewers to takeaway the feeling of what it is to live life as a Bottega Venta traveler.

Check the video out below: 


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