Agency: Wilhelmina Men

Hometown: San Mateo, California

Birth date: April 11

Zodiac sign: Aries

Favorite color: Green

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Mint chip -- keeping it green

Boxers, briefs, or commando? Right now I got briefs on, but in California I go commando. "Free ballin Fridays" -- I started it at my school.

Creamy peanut butter or crunchy? Crunchy, but I just do raw foods.

E.T. or Chewbacca? E.T. -- hes the friendly alien.

The Smurfs or The Jetsons? Jetsons, but Flinstones on top of all.

What is your porn name (childhood pet name + childhood street name)? Chubs Aragon

What are the qualities you look for in a significant other? Sexy, personable, spiritual, healthy

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