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Yes, Billy Porter Did Wear A Dress to the Oscars Again

Billy Porter  at the 2020 Oscars

At this point we all know that Billy Porter is going to wear something worth looking at on whatever red carpet he steps on. It is a part of his thing: Billy Porter the singer, actor, and red carpet dresser. So we knew that whatever he happened to wear on the red carpet for the 2020 Oscars was going to be a moment. A mo-ment. We all remember when last year he wore that tuxedo gown that’s gone on to be replicated by Chanel, and sent one million homophobes into a tizzy. So what’s next?

Gold my child. Gold is next.

As one of the early arrivals for the 2020 Academy Awards, Billy Porter turned up in a custom look from Giles Deacon Couture. Deacon is a noted designer, based in London who has designed for Emanuel Ungaro, Bottega Veneta, and Gucci — a history! Bu he also has his own label, which is what he’s been focusing on for the last few years, and it’s from that atelier that Porter got his look.

It’s a bit of a two-piece: a gold, gilded feather top, and a graphic printed ball skirt. A moment. It does bring back thoughts of Alexander McQueen’s final collection from his untimely death, but Deacon is also known for his prints.

Porter completed the look with lace-up heels by Jimmy Choo, and Atelier Swarovski jewelry. Yeah, the good stuff.

Yes, we have seen Porter in a dress before, many times. Maybe you're getting tired of it, but that's likely a bit of the point. If Porter does this right, if he wears these looks over event, on every red carpet, maybe just maybe it's not headline news when a celebrity does it. Maybe, just possibly it doesn't raise eyebrows when a little kid in the middle of Idaho tries it. Maybe, just maybe, no one will truly care.

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