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Donatella Versace Speaks Out: 'I Am NOT Going Anywhere'

Donatella Versace Speaks Out: 'I Am NOT Going Anywhere'

Fashion insiders and Twitter gays alike were in an uproar this week when the news broke that Michael Kors had purchased Versace for a whopping $2.12 billion. Many worried about what it would mean to have a brand sold at TJ Maxx in control of one of fashion's most legendary couture houses. Literally everyone had an opinion, although not necessarily everyone deserved one.



Donatella Versace finally broke her silence on the matter in an Instagram post, reassuring Versace devotees that their fears about the future of the legendary fashion house her brother started would not come to pass. "First of all, I wanted to let you know that I am NOT going anywhere," she wrote, "so for those who wanted to get rid of me, well…it ain’t happening!"

"I also wanted to reassure you that Versace will remain ITALIAN, [made] in Italy and that it will keep its GLAMOUR, DARING and INCLUSIVE attitude that have made you all love it. This is just the beginning of an exciting, new adventure that I hope you will live together with me!"


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